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I grew up spending most of my weekends in Chinatown at my aunt's barber shop (it's how I learned to cut my own hair) and through Chinese school on Saturdays. My parents would shop for groceries and that's where my sister and I indulged in finding cool knick nacks through the dollar stores & toy stores. I used to get my Pokemon & Yu Gi Oh cards there! My mom used to take us to the one and only library in Chinatown to get tutored and to learn how to use the computer since we didn't own one at home. My mom would pay money for us to take turns. I remember playing educational games, they were fun. I remember my mom buying me my first pet: a turtle & my first lego set from Chinatown. One time when I was 12, I gave my seat up for a senior and she said to me and my mom, "Wow, you are so caring". It's always so surprising to the Chinese community when they realize that an American born Chinese gal can speak Cantonese & Toisanese. They truly feel connected with me as I do with them. When I was about 22, I would go to the CDC to play their piano that they had in their lobby! I kept playing The River Flows in you by Yiruma. I even performed it for my mom and second aunt. I learned the values of gathering with family to Yum Cha (drink tea/have dim sum) because of Chinatown. If there wasn't Chinatown, there wouldn't be opportunities to learn about my Chinese culture.

History of Raffles since 1/2021

Total raised: $832.50

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