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Discounts & Resources 

Yes, I use all of these! My personal favorites are InStockTrades for comics & Marcus Savings account & yotta Lottery savings!

42% off trades/hardcover comics

Daily deals gathered in one app

Cheaper digital Xbox, Ps4, & Steam games & online memberships

One of the highest APY % of online saving accounts currently 1.70%

Take pics of your receipts, fill up the punch cards and earn Amazon gift cards!

Do polls, quizzes & Bing searches to earn points which eventually becomes gift cards from many big retailers (Target, Amazon, etc)!
        Xbox players are able to earn more through             gaming & shopping through Microsoft

Looking to buy a home? Lennar builds beautiful, modern, affordable homes. Just search for your area of interest!

Investment in Stocks! Fastest way to grow your money! App through phone, every signup = 1 free stock.
        Click on logo to use my referral                  link to get an extra free stock!

The CK app lets you keep track of your credit score & file your taxes for FREE! (taxes are now filed via cash app for credit karma).

Protect your medical wishes with an Advanced Directive. State by state listed. FREE to fill & print. You can change at any time


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