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I've been gaming since I was 7! My first console was the N64! I'm currently on the Xbox Series X. I enjoy call of duty, dmc, re series, mortal kombat, injustice, street fighter, rockbound 4, tellatales & many more! My favorite genres are shooters, horror, puzzles/trivia, and music. I love building up my gamerscore! Gaming is a big part of my life. I've made YT vids, from commentaries to montages, hosted tournaments & started my own teams/communities. Some of my biggest achievements are: being featured as Sniper of the week on SnipinatorGaming's channel, being partnered with Yeousch Gaming, gaming with zzirgrizz & Snipinator, and trying out for Optic Gaming's Girl's division. Gaming is a great way to stimulate your brain! 

Gamertag: Softy Serves

Below are some of my most memorable YT vids (click on the circles to see!) & below these are games that I have played & recommend!

           Click to watch the trailer/gameplay!



Unique/Easy 1K/Music

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