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I've always wanted to start my own little nonprofit/charity that is honest and is truly impactful to individuals who are experiencing adversities that I, myself understand. GeeksForGeeks is a charity raffle that happens on @RAVENOUSKELLS' Instagram. Individuals who receive proceeds are carefully selected through conversation & duration of relationship with me or someone I trust. 100% of the proceeds benefits members of the comic community who are experiencing hardships or are just plain awesome. To prevent fraud, individuals who will receive proceeds of the themed category that they have been selected in, are not allowed to participate in purchasing spots for said raffles.


You can make or be an impact, too! If you want to contribute to the charity raffles, you can do so by donating comics, collectibles, and art, or simply by claiming spots to win some of these goodies! 


All profits go to individuals within the comic community who are carefully selected based on these themes that will rotate. It is up to the individuals on how they want to use the proceeds. For self care, for their families, it's up to them!

  • Caregiving for parents

  • Military/Police Support

  • Awesome Possums

  • Dream Big

Awesome Possums: Good friends who are simply awesome.

Dream Big: Supporting friends who have small businesses/side hustles

History of raffles since 7/2021

Total raised: $240


  • Chrumin: 2 comic books

  • Instagram
  • John: $15 for AwGeeks

  • Instagram
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